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In the Spotlight

  • International environmental policy in Belgium

    For 20 years, Belgium has been portraying itself with one voice in the European and international organisations. This strong and coordinated voice makes it possible to have a positive influence on numerous negotiations. How does Belgium manage to determine and defend a strong and communal point of view based on local, economic and social circumstances in a land where the environmental authorities are divided between the federal government and the regions? More info

  • ‘Something is moving at sea…’

    A brochure on the marine spatial plan for the Belgian part of the North Sea. More info

  • New regulation for the sale of mobile phones as of 2014

    Children’s mobile phones may no longer be sold. Besides this, the specific absorption rate (SAR) has to be listed for every mobile phone at the point of sale. More info

  • Help limit the impact of cleaning products on the environment!

    Doing the laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning the floor and other surfaces... good hygiene is unthinkable without detergents. But these products are not without consequence for the environment: you use water and energy, the detergents influence the quality of the surface water and the waste produced has to be disposed of somewhere. More info