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European ecolabel: a flower for the environment

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Protecting the environment is no longer just a preoccupation for ‘eco-freaks’. Recent surveys have proved that European citizens understand the issues and want to take action in their own lives to reduce their ecological footprint!

In particular, their consumption choices can make all the difference, and this represents a powerful tool for sustainable development.

But how exactly can you take responsible, properly informed choices?

This is precisely what the Eco-label is there for.

Amid a veritable jungle of environmental labels, the European Eco-label (WEB) is prominent in terms both of the assurance it offers and its recognisability.

Throughout the European Union and in Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland, all products which obtain this label carry the same distinctive sign on their label or packaging: a daisy-shaped flower logo whose heart is an ‘E’ symbolising Europe and whose petals are stars, like those on the European flag.

Launched in 1992, the label’s emblem, "the Flower" (WEB) now adorns several thousand products and service on the European market, so keep a look-out for it!

The Eco-label: facts and figures

- The environmental criteria are defined in such a way that in each product category, a maximum of 30% of the products on the market can obtain it.

- Today, there are 26 categories of products and services as varied as hand dishwashing detergents, tissue paper, soil improvers and growing media, photocopy and graphic paper, computers, soaps, shampoos and hair conditioners.

- Over 600 producers of goods or services have now affixed the European Eco-label to one or more of their products.

- The criteria for a product group remain valid for a period of 3 to 5 years. After that, they are revised in order to take account of the latest developments on the market.

 - The European Eco-label is organised and recognised in the European Union’s 27 Member States, as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway (the three signatory countries of the European Economic Agreement - EEA). 



Secretariat of the Belgian Committee for the Award of the European Eco-label (applications for the European Eco-label)

Federal Public Service for Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment
DG Environment  –  Product Policy Service
40, Place Victor Horta, box 10
1060 Brussels
Phone: +32 2/524 95 46

Fabienne Godin (FR)
Phone: +32 2/524 95 50

Hannelore Schorpion (NL)
tel.: 02 524 96 18

European Ecolabel (general information):
Official website:

‘The Green Store’ (catalogue listing all eco-labelled products on the European market):

European helpdesk (marketing and promotional activities associated with the Eco-label)
c/o Bio Intelligence Service
1, rue Berthelot
F-94200 Ivry-sur Seine
Phone: +33 1 56 20 28 98
Fax: +33 1 58 46 09 95

Published on 06/07/2009 – Page last updated on 06/07/2009

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