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Product Policy

The DG Environment  ensures that products placed on the market are increasingly environmentally friendly . Environmental impact is taken into account at every stage of product life cycle: from inception to manufacture, distribution and disposal.

Certain products undergo very close scrutiny due to their particular environmental impact: vehicles, electrical and electronic equipments, packaging and building materials. The Product Policy section also exercises strict control over the marketing of products which release ozone precursors: cars, boilers and so on. 

 To encourage sustainable production and consumption patterns, the division uses legal instruments (binding standards), economic instruments (e.g. subsidies) and socio-educational instruments (public information campaigns). 

Federal Public Service (FPS) Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment
Eurostation II
Place Victor Horta, 40 box 10
1060 Brussels

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Published on 19/09/2005 – Page last updated on 19/09/2005