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Belgian Advisory Committee on Bioethics

Upcoming conference of the Committee: "Caregiving: a commitment without borders?"

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 (9am tot 14 pm).

Free admission, registration required

For participation, please see :

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Accreditation for doctors and pharmacists-biologists: activity No. 15027359 - ethics and economics - 4,5 credit points.


The Belgian Advisory Committee on Bioethics was established by the co-operation agreement of 15 January 1993 signed by the federal Government, the French-speaking Community, the Flemish Community, the German-speaking Community and the Joint Commission for Community Matters[1].

The Committe is completely independent of the authorities that created it. The Committee’s duties are twofold:

• To provide advice on the problems raised by research and research applications in the fields of biology, medicine and health care; these problems are studied from the ethical, social and legal points of view, particularly from the angle of the respect for human rights;

• To inform the public and the authorities about these problems.



[1] This Co-operation Agreement was published in the Belgisch Staatsblad/Moniteur belge of 12 May 1993; it was approved by the federal Government  through an Act of 6 March 1995,  and by the three Communities mentioned above through a Decree respectively dated 6 December 1993, 16 March 1994 and 15 June 1994, and by the Joint Commission for Community Matters through an Ordinance of 30 March 1995. 



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