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The use of telematics in health care has profoundly changed the relationship between patients and health care providers. The physical presence of both patients and providers is no longer an overriding factor. These changes not only have large number of technical and legal consequences but, above all, have a considerable ethical, social and organisational impact. The documentation that is already available on the web reflects the general and specific challenges in this area.

Over the past few years, the 'Informatics, Telematics and Communication in Health Care' project members have ensured that the basic conditions could be created for exchanging and sharing health information, inter alia by anticipating or developing future developments in this field. The introduction of generic procedures for identifying and authenticating the health care actors using the electronic identity card (e-ID), the personal health identification number and the eHealth platform should gradually make people aware that shared health records are really taking shape. In addition, this is one step further in the full implementation of the Patient Rights Act.

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A pilot project for ambulatory nursing : VINCA. Read more (HTML)

Certification (quality labelling) of software for management of patient records is organised in general medicine (HTML), in physiotherapy (HTML), dental medicine (HTML)home care nursing (HTML) and logopaedics (HTML).

On 24/06/2009 the Semantic Interoperability Committee kicked-off Read more! (.HTML)


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