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Traineeship plan - Specialised doctors

Applications to have a traineeship plan approved must be submitted to the FPS Health within 3 months (to be calculated as of the start of the traineeship).

The traineeship plan must include the following:

- an application form for the registration of the traineeship plan. This must mention the dates, duration, traineeship supervisors and traineeship locations. If the traineeship plan is submitted for the first time, a simplified plan may be submitted. The full plan must follow as quickly as possible;

- a copy of the Belgian degree of medicine or a certificate confirming that the examinations have been passed;

- registration certificate with the Medical Association;

- a certificate from which it appears that the candidate has been selected by a medical faculty for the field in which he wishes to follow (specialist) education. Certificates issued by Dutch-speaking universities are regarded as valid only until 31 December of the calendar year in which they are issued;

- a written agreement concluded between the trainee and the hospital with regard to the reasonable fee for each part of the traineeship. This agreement must be submitted each year.

- an annual training programme (which must be submitted every year).

As soon as the FPS has the simplified traineeship plan, the data of the person concerned are sent through to the RIZIV/INAMI, which allocates a special number to it.

All documents must be submitted via registered post.

If the file is complete, it is submitted to the Dutch chamber of the relevant Recognition Commission. Within 30 days after the meeting of the Commission, the candidate will receive a letter containing the recommendation of the members with regard to his application.

Any change in the traineeship plan must be submitted for approval in advance.

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