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Patients' rights


  • The Law on Patients’ Rights


Can I be operated on without my consent? Must my doctor tell me everything? Can I consult another doctor? Whom can I contact if I am not satisfied with the care provided? Can I read everything in my health record?
The Law of 22 August 2002 on Patients’ Rights lays down what your rights are and how you can exercise them. Read more …


  • The Ombudsman Services for Patients’ Rights


Each patient can lodge a complaint with a competent ombudsman service because (s)he is of the opinion that one of his/her rights was not respected. Where appropriate, the patient can be assisted by a confidant. The ombudsman mediates and respects impartiality. He tries to restore the dialogue between the parties. Read more … 


  • The Federal Commission on Patients’ Rights

The Federal Commission on Patients’ Rights is established by the Federal Public Service Health. This Commission gathers information on matters related to patients’ rights, advises the Minister, evaluates the application of the Law and the way the ombudsman services operate, and makes recommendations thereon. Read more … 




More information about the Law on Patients' Rights and the functioning of the Ombudsman Services for Patients' Rights?


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