This page is destinated to software providers. It contains specific information for an incapacity notification that is send to Medex. The incapacity notification for Medex is also called “eMediAtt”.

This page contains:

For the moment the incapacity notifications are submitted by “general practitioners”. This can be enlarged in the future to other healthcare workers like specialists.

Overview of the flow of an eMediAtt

1. Doctor submits the eMediatt from the electronic medical dossier of the patient that visits him.
2. The incapacity notification is sent over the eHealth platform to the eHbox of Medex.
3. Medex treats the notifications “in batch”; the notifications are treated every 30 minutes.
4. For every notification :
The system checks if it is a valid eMediAtt

a. If valid, the eMediAtt is sent to the Medex application and is treated automatically like a paper version of the incapacity notifications.
b. If not valid, system sends the message of the eHbox to an administrative agent, who will create the incapacity notification manually in the Medex application.

There is no return sent back to the doctor. The system will create the incapacity notification automatically and if impossible to create the incapacity notification automatically, the notification will be created manually.
For the moment there is an acknowledgment of reception to the employer of the patient, once the absence notification is treated in the Medex system.

In the future there will be an acknowledgment to the patient in his eBox.

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The business requirements for Medex

To reduce the manual interventions, it is important:
- that software providers implement in there system the business requirements requested by Medex.
- That software providers test there system before going life.

eMediAtt – requirements on data transmitted via eH-Box

Testing environment

Medex has a testing environment and requests that software providers test there software before going life.

To reach the eHbox of Medex in test, the software provider needs :
- URL test:
- eHbox ID of Medex: the eHbox ID of Medex can be requested by contacting the Medex IT service on the following address:

The software provider can send his test files to the test environment. He has to request the Medex IT service to start the treatment of the messages in the eHbox, as this starts not automatically. He will receive an answer from the Medex IT service by mail. In the future we foresee an independent module that can be used by the software providers without intervention of the Medex IT service.

After positive tests, the software can be adapted to send the incapacity notifications to the production environment:
- URL production:


Test Cases

Under construction


Contact information

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Contact center: 02/524 97 97 (an Werktagen zwischen 8 bis 12 Uhr | 13 bis 16 Uhr)

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