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2018: Occupational health protection

Date: 1 October 2018
Time: 9:00 – 18:30
Place: Room Storck, FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue, Ernest Blerotstreet 1, 1070 Brussels

On 1 October 2018 the second edition of the ‘Nano in Belgium’ Workshop took place. This  edition was organized by the Belgian EU-OSHA Focal point in the framework of the 2018-19 “ Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances “campaign that aims to raise awareness of the risks posed by chemicals in the workplace and to promote a culture of risk prevention. Within the large field of chemicals, nanomaterials are a fast expanding group with specific characteristics. This theme was therefore linked with the state-of-play on national and European regulations  and the findings from various Belgian research projects (by means of oral presentations), what resulted in a very interesting program of the 2nd ‘Nano in Belgium’ Workshop.

The stakeholders expressed a broad interest for this free of charge event. Over 100 participants from various universities, industries and regulatory agencies attended the meeting.

The Organizing Committee:

For FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue:

  • Dr. Linda Wouters
  • Mrs. Greet Van Meulder
  • Mr. Frank Dehasque

 For FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment:

  • Dr. Agnieszka Dobrak – Van Berlo
  • Dr. Carine Gorrebeeck
  • Mr. Benjamin Delcourt

For FPS Economy, SMEs, Self-Employed and Energy:

  • Dr. Ir. Miruna Dobre
  • Dr. Ir. Jasmine Petry
  • Dr. Noham Sebaihi