In 2011, a sectoral agreement was signed between the wood sector and the Climate and Energy Minister, aiming at broadening the offer of environmentally friendly wood products and at sensitising purchasing customers  on the importance of sustainable wood. The agreement is valid until 2018 and market surveys have to monitor the progress of the engagements made.

In a first market survey over the year  2012, most of the expectations were by far surpassed.  Sawn wood and board material (= primary wood products) of sustainable sources represented already 40,5% of the market, which exceeded the target of  35% by the end of 2018.

The current sectoral agreement will expire and the federal authority wishes to renew it. In this context, a second market survey was performed. The survey shows that the share of certified primary wood products on the Belgian market had increased to 59,5% in 2016. The survey also includes  (exploring) research for certified wood in secondary wood products (a.o. furniture, pallets, window frames) as well as paper and cardboard. Furthermore, the origin and evolution of certified wood products was surveyed and a proposal was made for the future reporting of the market share of certified wood products.