Brochure ‘The sea is teeming with life. How to protect and restore the rich biodiversity of our North Sea?’
Below the water surface of the Belgian North Sea, a surprising amount of life thrives: there are more than 2,000 species of plants and animals, ranging from anemones, seahorses and sole to seals and porpoises. However, this rich diversity is subject to numerous threats, including chemical pollution, plastic waste, climate change and overfishing. Nevertheless, it is in our own interest to keep the seas and oceans healthy. For example, they supply us with food and oxygen, and they help reduce CO2. The government undertakes various actions to protect the sea and its inhabitants. Would you like to know how you can help too?
The brochure ‘The sea is teeming with life’ highlights several animal species, threats and protection actions. You will also find a series of tips to protect marine life and you can test your knowledge of the North Sea and its inhabitants with a quiz.
This brochure (edition 2017) contains references to the previous marine spatial plan (see the brochure 'Something is moving at sea' for the marine spatial plan 2020-2026).
Picture: Thornback ray © Misjel Decleer