Plastic bags, bottles, cigarette butts ... the problem of litter in the sea is well known. Unfortunately we now have to add mouth masks, gloves and bottles of alcohol gel to this list.

© Christel Patfoort (Proper Strand Lopers)

How does corona waste end up in the sea and what are the consequences for the environment? Jens Warrie, biologist from the Marine Environment Service of the FPS Public Health, explained this in Spits on Radio 2. How can you prevent this waste from ending up in the sea? Always take your waste with you!

From Wednesday 8 July onwards, Jens will be taking Radio 2 listeners on a summer sea safari.
Each week he will share some facts about a fascinating species from our North Sea and explain the problems the animals have to deal with. And also: what can we do to protect the animal? Every Wednesday between 11 and 12 in 'Zot veel vakantie'. The sharks are the first guests!
Also keep an eye on the Radio 2 website; there will be an Ugliest Fish of the North Sea election and a quiz on sea creatures.
Want to know how you can protect the sea and its inhabitants? Then take a look at

You can also find fun facts about North Sea wildlife in our brochure ​The sea is teeming with life. How to protect and restore the rich biodiversity of our North Sea?