Carefully read the label before using a biocide. It tells you how hazardous a product is, how to use it safely and what to do in the event of an accident.

Hazard symbols on the product label are used to inform you on possible risks. There are three types of hazards:

  • Physical hazard (explosive or flammable)
  • Health hazard
  • Environmental hazard




Long-term health risk


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No hazard symbol? This does not mean that the product is harmless. The possible risks are always mentioned on the label.

Carefully follow the precautions and instructions for use.

If in doubt, contact the party responsible for making the product available on the market. The telephone number of the responsible party is on the label.

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More information on the labelling of hazardous chemical products and how to prevent accidents can be found in the brochure "Lire avant utilisation" (Read before use), available in Dutch and French. 

The brochure can be ordered by phone on 02 524 97 97  or by e-mail to