Environmental product déclarations (EPD): a concise guide for producers in the construction sector

The construction sector faces major challenges. We want to build and live as energy-efficiently as possible and reduce our ecological footprint. That is why we want buildings and products that impact our climate and the environment as little as possible. Belgium is a frontrunner in environmental product declaration (EPD) development for construction products, in terms of legal framework and programme design. EPDs are based on life cycle assessments (LCA), currently the best tool for gauging a product’s environmental impact, comparing materials, and preventing misconceptions about certain materials and products.

Are you interested in developing an EPD? This practical guide for producers shows you the steps to follow and the benefits for your business. 

You can also order printed copies of the guide (available in Dutch, French and English) at epd@environment.belgium.be.

Authors: VITO and FPS Health