In 2009, the FPS Health decided to review the message conveyed to the population.  Since then, the focus has been on thanking donors and their families without whom transplants would not be possible. The message is designed to be positive and focuses on the transplant patient who is "happy to be alive".

 Activities in 2009:

  • Creation of a 40-second commercial for cinemas. Entitled "Merci" - "Dank U", this commercial was produced with a Belgian actor, Christelle Cornil,
  • In the frame of the European Day for Organ Donation, official launch of a commercial for three weeks at local cinemas,
  • Organisation of the 1st "GIFT" national symposium for Intensive Care Unit medical staff and nurses, transplant coordinators and transplant patient associations.

    To watch the commercial "Merci" 

Activities in 2010:

In the frame of the Council of Europe's European Day, a larger-scale event was set up. A "discovery" trail was organised over an entire week through the streets in the heart of Brussels. The event was launched on 15 October 2010.

  • Organisation of an awareness-raising week with the setting up of a "discovery" trail". This was designed for young people from 17-18 years old and aimed to present clues that would allow them to answer a questionnaire outlining all the aspects of organ donation,
  • Broadcast of a commercial "Merci" - "Dank U" on national television channels for two weeks,
  • Broadcast of this commercial at film and music festivals,

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