In order to guarantee and enhance public health, the Council draws up scientific advisory reports that aim at providing guidance to political decision-makers and health professionals. Thanks to its network of experts and in-house staff, the Council produces impartial and independent advisory reports that are based on a multidisciplinary assessment of the state of the art of science. The Council formulates these advisory reports on request or on its own initiative and publishes them.

The Council positions itself as a centre for scientific excellence in phase with current developments in public health. Both the authorities and health professionals acknowledge the impact the Council has on their activities. Day after day, the SHC provides a stimulating and fulfilling environment in which its experts and staff further develop its activities and communicate them.

Science – Expertise – Quality – Independence – Impartiality – Transparency


Mental health Cells, tissus and organs of human and animal origin
Environmental physical factors: ionizing radiation Infection control during healthcare
Environmental physical factors: non-ionizing radiation Infectiology
Environmental chemical factors Vaccination
Nutrition and health, including food safety Cosmetology and cosmetic devices
Food microbiology Public Health Genomics
Blood and blood products Varia



Chairman: Prof. Jean Nève
Vice-chairman: Prof. Hilde Beele / Prof. Patrick De Mol

The Superior Health Council can call on the expertise of more than 1400 experts, including 300 appointed experts.

The Committee
The Committee is made of 40 named members among the 300 appointed experts. The Committee is the decision-making body of the Council and reunites every month. It constitutes the expert working groups which are responsible for the formulation of advisory reports and publications. The advisory reports and publications issued by the working groups are submitted to validation from the Committee.

The Bureau and the secretariat
The Board consists of the chairman, the two vice-chairmen, the coordinator, the scientific secretary coordinator and the administrative secretary coordinator. It ensures the effective operation of the Council. The Council is supported by a scientific secretariat and an administrative secretariat.


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