One world, one health

Our vision of 'one world, one health', is based an approach based on the interdependence between human health, animal health and the environment. To translate this vision into a multidisciplinary and sustainable response to the big challenges posed  by  the globalized world, our FPS collaborates beyond the borders and the policy levels.

At the international level, our Federal Public Service:

  • represents and defends Belgium’s interests within the field of public health, food chain safety and environment (in coordination with the Communities, the Regions, the other Federal Public Services and in consultation with the Belgians stakeholders Belgians;
  • incorporates international evolutions in its national policy and implements the conventions - frameworks and multilateral agreements;
  • collects data in order to respond to the information requests and writes reports for international organizations;
  • consults with its international partners in case of a public health crisis or emergency;
  • shares good practice and collaborates on international projects manages cross border issues.

Our FPS is the central contact point for issues relating to public health, food chain safety and the environment for international organizations both at European and global level.

In Europe

Health, food and the environment are important issues on the agenda of the European Union and of the other European institutions. Our FPS is very active at EU level and works together with, or is a part of


Outside of Europe

Our FPS also represents Belgium for  health, food and the environment at a number of institutions :

Many of which depend on the United Nations, such as:


issues and activities

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