The mission of the CCIEP experts within the pilot groups and networks is to prepare for and follow-up on international negotiations, at the level of both European institutions and multilateral organisations. A pilot is designated by the CCIEP to coordinate the Belgian position within this network of experts on a specific dossier or a sub-part of this dossier. 

All these dossiers require greater cross-functionality and cooperation with other federal and regional departments, such as mobility, economy, finance, agriculture and energy. To do this, the CCIEP works continuously with officials in these policy areas. These officials are included in the relevant working groups and networks to systematically bring together the necessary expertise. 

The multi pilot

For multilateral negotiations, the CCIEP fully prepares the environmental dossiers and approves the pre-determined positions.  It is generally the responsibility of the CCIEP steering groups and thematic working groups to address the various issues that relate to their area of expertise.
For each specific topic, the CCIEP appoints a multilateral pilot who, together with the steering group or working group experts, prepares the unanimous Belgian position for multilateral negotiations, and where necessary for the Working Party on International Environmental Issues (WPIEI). 

The EU pilot

For the negotiation procedures on European environmental policy, the CCIEP is in charge of the "technical" preparation of the dossiers. 
For each dossier, the CCIEP assembles a network of experts largely composed of officials from all the relevant regional and federal departments. A representative or pilot, the expert designated by the CCIEP, is responsible for coordinating the Belgian position within this network of experts. 
The CCIEP is involved:

  • in the framework of the EU Council working groups. It prepares points of view, which are expressed by the Belgian representation, and issues technical opinions. These working groups bring together representatives from all Member States and prepare for the EU Council of Ministers;   
  • in the framework of the European Commission's expert groups. These expert groups deal with various themes and most often work on preparing legislation;   
  • in the framework of European public consultations. The pilot and its network organise an opportunity review and, if necessary, prepare a coordinated response to be submitted to the European Commission.
The official representative

The CCIEP also participates in the comitology committees of the European Commission. The activities of these committees concern the introduction of uniform conditions for the implementation of European legislation, both for implementing acts and for delegated acts. All Member States are represented. 
The CCIEP appoints the Belgian representative, who will follow up the work of a comitology committee, with a network of CCIEP experts.