The CCIEP fully prepares dossiers relating to the environment for multilateral negotiations and endorses previously adopted positions. The CCIEP’s steering and working groups generally deal with questions relating to their specific field of expertise.

The CCIEP is responsible for the “technical” preparation by officials of dossiers related to negotiations at European level. The CCIEP intervenes
• within the working groups of the EU Council, where it prepares the points of view of the Belgian representation and technical opinions. These working groups include representatives of all Member States and prepare for the Councils of Ministers of the European Union.
• within the committees of the European Commission. These committees  work on practical issues generally related to the preparation of legislation. Representatives of all Member States participate in them;
• within the groups of experts of the European Commission. These work on a wide range of issues, generally related to the preparation of legislation.

Encouraging the participation of stakeholders

The stakeholders in environmental policy, such as the employers’ federations, trade unions, environmental organisations, etc., are informed on the priority negotiation dossiers for the coming six months at briefings organised by the CCIEP in January and July. The priorities are those selected by the CCIEP at multilateral level and/or those that will be defended during the next European presidency. The CCIEP comments on these priorities in a memorandum which is sent out in advance to all the stakeholders invited to the briefings.

The CCIEP also organises specific consultation meetings with the stakeholders. This is done:
• either on its own initiative within a steering group or working group,
• or at the request of a stakeholder in a specific dossier.

The brochure "“CCIEP – A unique voice on the international environment scene (.PDF)" summarises the activities of the CCIEP.