By following efficient driving principles you will also save money. Today more than ever, it is important to follow these principles in order not only to optimise the fuel consumption but also pollute less.

Some tips

In order to consume less, it is not enough to choose a vehicle that consumes less. The way you drive and the proper maintenance of your vehicle help in dramatically lowering your consumption:

• Start and drive calmly so that your engine reaches its optimum temperature progressively.
• Avoid high engine speeds: move up a gear in time.
• Anticipate events and obstacles. Do not brake too suddenly in order to be able to deal with slowdowns in the gentlest way possible and to lose least possible amount of inertia.
• Turn off the engine if you have to stay at standstill.
• A well maintained car consumes less; follow the manufacturer's instructions in this respect.
• Regularly check tyre pressure and rectify it if necessary so that the pressure is as recommended by the manufacturer (loaded car).
• Use electrical accessories (defroster, air conditioning, etc.) only when it is really necessary. Air conditioning at full engine speed can increase consumption by 30%.
• Avoid loading the car unnecessarily, especially on the roof. Additional consumption on account of a loaded luggage rack can reach up to 40%.
• Optimise the aerodynamics of your vehicle. For example, place bikes preferably at the rear of the car and not on the roof.