The Advisory Commission for Plant Preparations consists in representatives of persons and bodies associated with the research, manufacturing, trade and control of plants. The composition of the Commission is determined by the Ministerial Decree of 6 november 2018. On advice of the Commission, the Minister can:

  • for the plants on list 3 designated with an asterisk, establish the minimum and maximum proportions of active substances and markers for the manufacturing and the trade of these plants;
  • forbid that some plants of plant preparations are mixed together;
  • submit the trade in specific plants and plant preparations, whether in dosed form or not, to requirements regarding the possession of a specific diploma or certificate;
  • modify the lists annexed to the decree, for the plants appearing on lists2 and 3 of the annex to the decree on plants;
  • establish characteristic plant substances of characteristic categories of plant substances.

Food supplements containing plants not appearing on the list annexed to the decree on plants must also be notified before being put on the market. In this case, the notification file must contain all information regarding the nature, the toxicity and the quantity of the most important active substance and the completed file must be submitted to the Advisory Commission on Plant Preparations.

You will find here a guide for plants that are not listed yet in the annex of the Royal Decree of 31 August 2021. It should be noted that when plants from list 3 are used but the special conditions appearing in the fourth column of that list are not met, the notification file will be submitted to the Advisory Commission for Plant Preparations.
In the Commission's advices, you can carry out a search by typing the name of the plant in the search motor on the top of the page.

You will find a list of plants for which the Advisory Commission provided an advice.



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