28/04/2021 - 08:00 to 29/04/2021 - 18:00

Warning: this event is over. Registration is no longer possible.


On Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th April 2021, the Belgian Bioethics Advisory Committee is organising its XII Biennial Conference themed “Autonomy Revisited”. It will also be an occasion to celebrate de Committee’s 25th Anniversary.
This conference will be interactive and is aimed at the wider public, as well ass at healthcare professionals, with the possibility to take part free of charge in the form of a webinar. Accreditation of physicians and pharmacist-biologists was requested for “ethics and economics”.
You will be informed of booking modalities, as well as the final programme, in February. We hereby invite you to write these dates down in your diary to attend (you can book separately for each day).
During these days, you will be able to attend the following sessions, which also include Q&A sessions:
On 28/04 in the early evening:
- Margaret Lock (Mc Gill University, Canada / Professor Emerita): « Permeable Bodies and Toxic Environments » ;
-Dominique Memmi (Head of research at the CNRS in social sciences) « "Manufacturing" the subject: The carers’ own contribution (since the 60ies, in France) ».
On 29/04 during the day:
- Nicolas Marquis  (Professor at UC-Louvain Saint-Louis in Brussels, ERC Starting Grantee)
« Doing what’s right for others in spite of themselves? Revisiting autonomy in psychiatric and mental health care »;
- Jeannette Pols (Professor Dr., University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
« Autonomy in practice. From abstract principles towards everyday life ethics »;
- As well as presentations by five groups of students in different universities/colleges in Belgium about their thoughts on autonomy.
Please do share this information as widely as possible.
We are looking forward to your participation.
Kind regards.
For the Committee Chairperson, Florence Caeymaex
The Secretariat