Agenda HERA-Webinar(2)
25th May 2022, 13.00 – 15.00


  • INTRODUCTION (5 min)
    Prof. Dr. Dirk Ramaekers, Belgian representative in the HERA Board(5 min)
  • HERA-PROJECTS - How can Belgian institutions contribute to HERA work? (45 min)
    Where can research institutions and companies find information? How do calls come about, how are calls registered, how is selection done? How can potential candidates best prepare themselves?
    • Guy Dargent, HaDEA (Health and Digital Executive Agency) (15 min)
    • Laurence Ballieux, EU4Health (15 min)
    • Kathleen D’Hondt, Horizon Europe (15 min)

Q&A (45 min)

  • EXPERIENCES: HERA Incubator (t.b.c.) – (15 min)

Presentation of Sciensano's cooperation with the HERA Incubator, follow-up of the project

Sciensano (t.b.c.) (15 min)

Q&A (15 min)

  • CONCLUSIONS (5 min)