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At a time when the world is recovering from the largest pandemic since the beginning of the century, Member States have joined forces with the ambition that 'this must never happen again'. At the same time, we know that threats of future pandemics are inevitable.  In order to be able to rapidly cooperate and respond to cross-border health threats from infectious diseases, but also from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards and accidents, a new authority was created: the European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA)

During this kick-off meeting, we will present HERA and its opportunities to the audience. For this, we focus primarily on researchers and companies that offer innovative answers to potential future health threats.   ​

The meeting will be conducted in English with Q&A in French and in Dutch


  • Introduction - HERA and Public Health

    Minister Frank VANDENBROUCKE, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health (5 min.)

  • How to implement HERA in practice? - HERA discussion from the Commission perspective and the Belgian point of view

    How can Member States best prepare themselves to contribute as much as possible and in a sustainable way to the HERA project, while promoting their research institutes and enterprises?

    • Director General Pierre DELSAUX, Head of HERA, European Commission (10 min.)
    • Prof. Dr. Dirk RAMAEKERS, HERA Board Member for Belgium (10 min.)
    • Debate (10 min.)
  • Examples of success stories

    Some practical examples and success stories: how did a number of Belgian companies and academics successfully contribute to R&D, production and distribution of medical countermeasures during the Covid-19 crisis? (40 min.)

    • ​Peter PEUMANS, IMEC
    • Mark CROES, Centexbel
    • Christian BECKER, Zentech
    • Andrew CANTILLO, Ecosteryl
  • Information on the different funding mechanisms

    ​Where can research institutions and companies find information? (10 min.)

    • ​Laurence BALLIEUX, EU4Health
    • Kathleen D’HONDT, Horizon Europe
  • Conclusion