The use of an air purification system helps to eliminate contaminants that may be present inside buildings. 

Why should you use an air purification device? 

An air purification device is a system that captures and/or inactivates the contaminants present in the air (microorganisms, fine particles, etc.) It then provides air that is decontaminated and, therefore, potentially purified of these pollutants. 

Purification is therefore one of the options for ensuring healthy indoor air. This is why it is highly recommended in all closed spaces that receive the public or staff, especially if they are not sufficiently ventilated. 

In some places, it might be easier to install an air purification system than a ventilation system, which would require significant renovation work. The use of an air purification system is then recommended, as it will significantly improve indoor air quality while waiting for the possible subsequent installation of a ventilation system. 

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