Bees and other pollinating insects play an important role in the cultivation of more than three quarters of the food crops in the world. They are also indispensable for the continued existence of more than 80% of all plant species.

However, in recent years it is not going well with the bees. Both with the honey bees and the wild bees, the mortality is high. According to the results of the European study EPILOBEE, the bee mortality in Belgium is 2633,6% for the winter 2012-2013. This is even one of the highest rate amongst the 17 countries assessed in Europe.

The phenomenon is due to different factors, such as the advance of harmful bee diseases, a lack of feedstuffs and the use of crop protection products. The importance of all these factors, and their mutual relation or synergy, is currently being thoroughly studied.

The FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment has also worked out a federal bee plan, with several measures in the area of animal health, reduction of pesticides and protection of the biodiversity.

One of the action points of this plan is to make the public at large aware of the importance of bees for our biodiversity, our economy and our food security. This we do amongst other things through this website /

Here you will find useful information on bees and bee culture, but also concerning threats for bees and the measures which are taken in order to protect them, both at national and at international level.

Moreover, here you will find useful tips as to how to give a helping hand in your environment, e.g. by arranging and maintaining your garden in a bee friendly manner. Your commitment can make a difference indeed for the bees!