Bees, whether domestic or wild, are essential to life on earth and contribute to our well-being and quality of life. Given the risks associated with their decline and the multiplicity of factors involved in it, it would be natural to feel helpless. However, you too can do your bit to preserve bees.

With small simple steps everyone can contribute a building block to the structure, in the countryside or in the city, in the garden or in the balcony, while shopping or doing one's domestic chores. Most fans may even become beekeepers and thus strengthen the ranks of our honeybees.

In the following pages, you will find lots of little things that will help you in immediately contributing to the conservation of bees.

I am committed to biodiversity

Do you want to confirm your commitment to bees and to biodiversity? Visit the website of the "I give life to my planet" campaign, supported by the FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, and join the thousands of people who are committed to biodiversity.

You will find numerous publications as well as many other tips to give life to our planet, each day!
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