Are you contemplating becoming a beekeeper? Then enquire properly first with your local beekeepers' association. For bee keeping, you must dispose of an appropriate environment (e.g. sufficient distance in relation to the neighbours) and follow a thorough training in the bee culture. For example, here you learn concerning the so-called bee diseases, subject to mandatory reporting.

As beekeeper you must also register at the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain [in french] (FASFC). This allows to quickly contain the bee diseases subject to mandatory reporting and to compensate for the possible destruction of hives. The FASFC may also carry out random checks of the bee culture products.

For hobby beekeepers (up to and including 24 bee colonies) the registration at the FASFC is completely free of charge. As hobbyist you may sell your products directly to the end user, provided the safety of the food chain is complied with (FASFC).