Minor everyday actions can have a significant impact on the health of the bees. Some small efforts can make a difference.

Eat organic

Do not use pesticides in my garden for the preservation of bees and my health, logical! And the food I buy in the shops? Opt for organic farming: it respects both man and the environment. The more agriculture will be oriented towards sustainable and natural practices, greater will be the decrease in the use of pesticides. Good news for your health and for the bees.

Insects at home: bury the hatchet

Some animals, including insects, can be troublesome inside homes (flies, mosquitoes, ants, etc.) or in the vegetable garden (slugs, voles, etc.). Sometimes we are tempted to fight them with lots of insecticides. But these chemicals are not safe, especially for bees

However, all insects have their place and some are even very useful to us (think of the spider that gets rid of many flies).

When necessary, you can remove or regulate the number of "pests" naturally, including by letting in their predators...

Question your government!

The maintenance of roads and public spaces also affects bees and biodiversity in general. Some municipalities are now making efforts in managing the road boarders and lawns to promote biodiversity.

If this is not yet the case in yours, make a suggestion to the competent department to apply these simple principles: plant only native species (in case of flowers, perennials require less work than the annuals), replace pesticides and chemical fertilizers by their biological equivalents, use mulch and ground covers to reduce the appearance of unwanted plants and to reduce watering, compost plant waste and use the resulting compost to feed the soil in autumn, practise late mowing while keeping some refuge areas...

Visit the website of the "I give life to my planet" campaign, supported by the FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, here you will find numerous publications as well as many other tips to give life to our planet! Every day.

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