Before you consider engaging in a commercial activity with CITES species or specimens in the Union or with the rest of the world, you have to submit an application to the CITES Unit in Belgium.

Indeed, many activities require obtaining CITES permits and certificates.

These documents can be applied for via the CITES database in Belgium. They are specifically:
- import permits (sheet 3132)
- export permits (sheet 3132)
- re-export certificates (sheet 3131)
- intra-Community certificates (sheet 3131)
- ownership certificates (sheet 315)
- travelling exhibition certificates sheet 317
- sample collection certificates sheet 31
- musical instruments certificates (new document in force since 5/2/2015)

A fee is payable for each of these applications. The tariff varies depending on the type of CITES documents applied for.

Types of CITES Documents
Tariffs (EUR)
Import/export /re-export of animals (live, derivatives, etc.)
30 per species
(max. 300)
Import/export/re-export of plants (live, derivatives, etc.)
30 per genus
(max. 300)
EU certificate
Travelling exhibition certificate
Ownership certificate
Sample collection certificate
Musical instruments certificate

The tariffs charged in Belgium are in line with the average of the tariffs charged in the European Union.

Note: it is for applications that a fee is payable. That’s why your request applied for online via the database, will only be treated after payment. The simplest way is to use the online paying system incorporated in the application system.
Thus, even if your application is refused or if you cancel yourself the application in a later stage, the amount still has to be paid.