Before considering trading with CITES species or specimens within the EU or with the rest of the world, you must apply to the CITES Unit in Belgium.

Indeed, many activities require CITES permits and certificates.

These documents can be requested via the electronic counter in Belgium. They concern in particular:

  • import permits
  • export permits
  • re-export certificates
  • European certificates
  • ownership certificates
  • certificates for travelling exhibitions
  • certificates for sample collections
  • certificates for musical instruments
  • breeding declarations (free of charge)
  • labels for scientific institutions (free of charge)
  • import notifications (free of charge)
  • inventories (free of charge)
  • voluntary declarations. (free of charge)

Each of these applications is subject to a fee (with some exceptions). The fee varies according to the type of CITES documents requested.

Type ofdocuments New tariffs (from 1 October 2021)
Re-export certificate foranimals (live, products, etc.)
60 for the first species and €30for each additional species
Re-export certificateplants (live, bulbs, etc.)
60 for the first genre and €30 for each additional genre
Europeancertificate 25€ 20€
Travelling exhibitioncertificate 80€
Certificate ofownership 80€
Sample collectioncertificate 80€
Musical instrument certificate 80€

Please note that the applications are subject to a fee. That is why your application submitted via the electronic counter will only be processed after payment.

So even if your application is disapproved or you cancel it yourself, you still have to pay the application.