The federal government establishes legal actions and conducts various awareness-raising actions in order to prevent the introduction of invasive species on the Belgian territory.

The law of 12 July 1973 on the conservation of nature

Five specific targets have in fact been added to the law of 12 July 1973 on the conservation of nature. These are the following new items:

  1. To specify that the King may suspend and prohibit the import, export and transit of invasive alien species and to submit their authorisation for approval, registration or pre-notification;
  2. Possibility for the State to sign sectorial agreements with companies involved in the spread of non-native species;
  3. Possibility for the King to establish an Advisory Council to advise on the import, export and transit of non-native plant and animal species, including the IAS;
  4. Updating of provisions for criminal penalties that have been increased;
  5. Introduction of the possibility to apply administrative penalties in case of infringement;
  6. Updating provisions for qualified personnel to monitor the implementation of the law and its executing decrees for the part relating to the import, export and transit: 
  • agents of the FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment [formerly: agents appointed by the Minister of Agriculture]
  • customs [new]
  • Federal and local police [formerly: constabulary, “Gendarmerie”]

DG Environment of the FPS Public Health works on the implementation of new legal provisions of the Law on Nature Conservation. The Federal Environmental Inspection service controls the import, export and transit of invasive exotic species in Belgium.