In order to raise awareness of the general public, the federal government has increased its communication efforts.

The Directorate General Environment of the FPS Public Health provides specific information on the adverse impacts posed by invasive species on biodiversity. Raising public awareness is the first step in preventing these invasions.


The BeBiodiversity video on invasive alien species

What is the link between the ficus and the hedgehog? Our consumer actions have an impact on biodiversity, in Belgium and elsewhere.

The #BeBiodiversity campaign proposes short animated films showing how common habits can threaten wildlife and their habitats.

An animated clip, Alien Challenge, was produced as part of a research project funded by the European Union, and invites you to help track invasive alien species in Belgium. For more information, go to


Invasive aquatic plants

SPF and the Biodiversity Platform launched the "invasive aquatic plants" brochure (NL/FR) that helps you recognise the main aquatic plants which pose a threat to the environment as well as the alternative species that may be used without fear to the biodiversity.

SOS Invasions

The "SOS Invasions" leaflet (NL/FR) explains the phenomenon and lists the most frequent species in Belgium in a fun and educational way.

Alternatives to invasives

Choose biodiversity in your garden! This leaflet (NL/FR)provides guidance on biodiversity and allows you to discover alternative plants.

The AlterIAS leaflet (FR/NL/DE) provides information on the issue of invasive alien plants.