Raising public awareness is the first step in preventing these invasions.

The Federal State and the Regions have increased their communication efforts to inform the public.

The National Scientific Secretariat on invasive alien species has produced:

  • Two posters presenting the species appearing on the European list of species of union concern and prohibited for sale, possession and breeding in Belgium and in other European Union Member States. One poster relates to plants, the other to animals. The designs were produced in partnership with two professional artists from the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. The posters are available in Dutch, French and German. To order the posters click here.
  • A Belgian information guide describing the plant and animal species appearing on the European list of union concern. This more technical guide is intended for professional or amateur audiences who may come into contact with these species and need to identify them. To order the guide, contact the Secretariat (secretariat@iasregulation.be).

The Directorate-General Environment of the FPS Public Health has produced videos and publications designed mainly for citizens. These awareness tools provide general information about the risks to biodiversity posed by these species.


The BeBiodiversity video on invasive alien species

What is the connection between a fig tree and a hedgehog? Our consumer actions have an impact on biodiversity, in Belgium and elsewhere. The video presents the New Zealand flatworm, which is considered as a species of particular concern, prohibited in the European Union.

The #BeBiodiversity features short animated films showing how common habits can threaten wildlife and their habitats.

An animated clip, Alien Challenge, was produced as part of a research project funded by the European Union, and invites you to help track invasive alien species in Belgium. For more information, go to https://www.inaturalist.org/

The FPS and the Biodiversity Platform have launched an Invasive aquatic plants brochure (NL/FR) that can help you to recognise the main aquatic plants which pose a threat to the environment as well as alternative species that may be used without fear to the biodiversity.

The SOS Invasions leaflet (NL/FR) explains the phenomenon and lists the most frequent species in Belgium in a fun and educational way.

Choose biodiversity in your garden.This leaflet (NL/FR) provides guidance on biodiversity and allows you to discover alternative plants.