EPD stands for ‘environmental product declaration’ and is a written declaration containing quantified information about a given set of environmental impacts based on a life-cycle analysis.

The Royal Decree on Environmental Messages provides for the creation of a federal EPD database and lays down various rules that are characteristic of EPD programmes. The EPD programme applies the requirements of the Royal Decree on Environmental Messages. The FPS of Health relies on the NBN EN ISO 14025 standard, thus acting as programme operator. The programme of the FPS of Health is named ‘Belgian EPD Programme’ or B-EPD in short.

The principal aim of the Belgian EPD programme is to provide interested organisations with a framework for developing and making available EPDs in accordance with the Royal Decree on EPDs. The B-EPD programme is applicable to building products that are placed or made available on the market in Belgium or that can be used in buildings on the Belgian territory.

The programme started on 7 December 2016.
A short introduction to the B-EPD program

Are you interested in developing an EPD?

This practical guide for producers shows you the steps to follow and the benefits for your business. 
You can download the guide here: B-EPD guide

You can also order printed copies of the guide (available in Dutch, French and English) at epd@environment.belgium.be.


The programme operator is the FPS of Health. The FPS is assisted by a steering committee, an advisory committee, an expert committee, a committee for reviewing PCR documents and an inspectors committee. More information can be found in the General programme instructions.


An EPD is in accordance with the B-EPD programme when its conformity with the Royal Decree on Environmental Messages and the General programme instructions has been verified.

This can only be done by a verifier who has registered with the programme operator in advance. Information about the procedure and its costs can be found in the reference documents.

The manufacturer is free to choose a verifier from the list of registered inspectors.

Introduction of EPDs in the TOTEM library

TOTEM integrates new EPDs into its building calculator four times a year. These are the deadlines within which your EPD must reach 'granted' status:






The EPD must comply to EN 15804/A2 and all additional rules of the B-EPD program and TOTEM.

Reference documents

Do you wish to register as an verifying party?

The guidelines and rates for registering can be found in the reference document ‘Requirements for verifying persons’..

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