Welcome to the BeQuinT homepage! This federal platform was launched in 2011, with a view to support haemovigilance in Belgian hospitals. On this page, you will find more information about the existence, the mission and the present composition, about the working groups as well as events and publications.


  • The Support committee Haemovigilance was launched in 2011, and was commissioned to support the haemovigilance function in Belgian hospitals.
  • Later, the mission was expanded to the implementation of an improved consumption of blood components in Belgium. The committee has evolved to become the National Platform Transfusion Policy.
  • In 2014, the National Platform Transfusion Policy was renamed BeQuinT – Belgian Quality in Transfusion. The steering group has chosen a new name and had a logo developed in order to stimulate the visibility of this national platform.

Mission and composition

  • Supporting the haemovigilance and transfusion policy in Belgian hospitals.
  • Optimising the use of blood components in Belgian hospitals.

BeQuinT comprises representatives of various types of health professionals from the different communities, organisations and professional organisations, so that the required and expertise as well as a large base are guaranteed for BeQuinT's activities.

Overview of BeQuinT's various members.

Steering group

The steering group has a decision-making function, monitors the activities of the working groups and also develops a number of concrete actions:

The steering group took the decision to document the transfusion policy in Belgian hospitals with biannual national surveys (2012-2014-2016). The result of these surveys are communicated to the hospitals under the form of a report containing recommendations, a benchmarking between the hospitals as well as a comparison over time (from the first to the third survey). The goal is to preserve a certain continuity in the improvement initiatives.

Report 1st national survey
Report 2nd national survey
Report 3th national survey

  • Newsletter

3 to 5 times a year since 2014, the steering group publishes a newsletter for the president of the transfusion committees, the people in charge of the blood banks, the reference nurses for transfusion/haemovigilance and the chief doctors of all Belgian hospitals. The newsletters' objective is to inform these target groups on the functioning and activities of BeQuinT and on events regarding the transfusion policy, such as the information session.


  1. Newsletter 1/2014
  2. Newsletter 2/2014
  3. Newsletter 3/2014


  1. Newsletter 1/2015
  2. Newsletter 2/2015


  1. Newsletter 1/2016
  2. Newsletter 2/2016
  3. Newsletter 3/2016


  1. Newsletter 1/2017
  2. Newsletter 2/2017
  3. Newsletter 3/2017
  4. Newsletter 4/2017
  5. Newsletter 5/2017
  • Analysis of the use of blood components

In cooperation with the technical unit FPS-INAMI, the steering group will analyse the blood components in the Belgian hospitals. The first results of this analysis are expected in the course of 2015 and 2016


  • Events

Information session – 1st of June 2017

BeQuinT's annual information session took place on Thursday 1 June 2017. The results of the survey and the report with recommendations were presented. An update of the BeQuinT working groups was also given. The hospitals reported about their initiatives and improvement actions on transfusion policy.

Information session - 2 June 2016

You will find here the documentation about our 2016 annual event:


Working groups

BeQuinT comprises 2 complementary working groups: