Our economic prosperity and wellbeing depend on biodiversity. Biodiversity and ecosystems provide us with many essential goods and services (called ecosystem services): fertile soil to productive land and seas, fresh water and clean air, pollination, fight against floods and climate regulation.

Many of these ecosystem services are used as if their source was inexhaustible. They are treated as commodities "free". Their value(especially economic) is not sufficiently taken into account. Thus they continue to be overexploited or polluted, threatening our long-term future and our resistance to environmental shocks.

Over the last fifty years, 60% of the world's ecosystem services have been degraded.

In the EU, 88% of fish stocks are fished beyond their maximum sustainable yield and only 11% of the protected ecosystems are in a satisfactory condition.

To ensure the long-term supply of these ecosystem goods and services, we need to sustainably use and properly value our natural heritage.