Do you intend to implement innovation projects or solutions inspired by nature based on biomimicry? If you are a fan of circular economy and technology, this will definitely interest you!  

Biomimicry describes the process of learning and copying strategies found in nature to solve human design problems (e.g. aircraft wings inspired by birds). Nature is the best model we have for a sustainable and regenerative way of living. For humans to thrive on a healthy planet, our systems must work in harmony with nature.  

Nature offers incredible inspiration that can be copied and applied to current environmental issues (climate disruption, decline in biodiversity, pollution of soil, air and oceans by plastics and microplastics, etc.) in areas as diverse as energy, water, transportation, buildings and infrastructure, food systems, health, etc.  

Inspirational hints to create circular patterns  

Your project can range from the creation of a bio-inspired innovation in product design to the rehabilitation of nature to provide the services required. Within the scope of this call, the solutions can be applied to various types of products and services and are therefore not sector-specific.  

The projects that will hold our greatest interest, will be those that go beyond the classical approaches: 

  • identifying unique leverage points in order to bring about change,  
  • removing barriers to the adoption and dissemination of existing solutions,  
  • and/or clearly demonstrating how biomimetic/nature-based solutions can lead to new, innovative or more effective solutions. 

To stimulate your creativity and reinforce the circular dimension in biomimicry-based designs, your project should for example promote: 

  • Research activities in order to design and manufacture products that are easier to reuse, recyclable and have a lower (or even positive) environmental impact based on biomimetic solutions; 
  • The creation of new materials and/or packaging solutions or services provided by packaging; 
  • Research in order to implement production and consumption patterns or logistic systems in which the circular properties of these products are maximized; 
  • Setting up experimental projects to test these new patterns.    

Your project also serves to strengthen Belgium's leadership position in bio-inspired circular design.