The FPS Public Health is pleased to introduce to you a new promotional tool concerning the patients’ rights and his/her cooperation in the healthcare relationship.

8 online videos

This new tool consists of 8 videos (in Dutch and in French), each one lasting about 2 minutes, available online.

The first 7 films illustrate in a very concrete manner each patient’s right (as described in the law of 22 August 2002 on patients’ rights).

The 8th film is dedicated to the situation of a patient who is not legally capable of exercising his/her rights.

You will find underneath some situations that are quoted in these 8 videos, which have been published on the YouTube channel of the FPS Public Health :

How shall Suzanne choose her new general practitioner ? Aziz hesitates between different types of teeth treatment ; what information does he have to get in order to give his informed consent? What does a  quality service mean ? Can Fabrice consult with his medical file to physiotherapist ?Etc.

Patient-healthcare practitioner partnership

Each film emphasizes the partnership relationship between the healthcare practitioner and the patient.

If the patient has rights, according to the law, he also has to cooperate with the healthcare practitioner. The dialogue, the confidence and the cooperation enable to prevent misunderstandings and to improve the healthcare quality.

Next to it, the slogan “In a good relationship, you know what you can expect from each other” is resumed in each video.

A pedagogical tool

These films are designed as to be an easily spread pedagogic tool. The underlying idea is to offer the possibility to use the videos in the framework of symposiums, conferences, trainings, meetings, etc. The films will also be spread to different partners in the healthcare sector.

Moreover, these films will be available for the public through multimedia (as the YouTube-room of the FPS Public Health).

Should you want to examine further a concrete question, please consult the information on the website.