The CCIEP’s Office and the plenary meeting get together every month to perform their tasks. The CCIEP Office, where representatives of environmental authorities sit, prepares the CCIEP plenary meetings. In addition, representatives of the relevant regional and federal strategy cells are also members of the plenary meeting. Both the CCIEP Office and plenary meetings are chaired by the Director-General of the DG Environment of the FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment. The DG Environment also provides the CCIEP's secretariat.

Groups of experts are constituted to discuss on various environmental topics. These groups include all relevant officials with relevant expertise.

The CCIEP steering groups have a broad mandate and track:
• a general environmental topic such as air, water, soil, waste or climate; or
• a cross-cutting topic such as environmental legislation or the collection and processing of environmental data.

The CCIEP working groups address more specific topics such as pesticides or bees.
CCIEP ad hoc groups are constituted, if necessary, to address some temporary focus points.
A CCIEP manager is also designated for each European file within the Council in which Belgian is required to take a stand. This person, along with its network, is responsible for coordinating the Belgian position at expert level.