Fumigation products are treatments designed to destroy vermin, insects, and other pests (such as rats for example) by exposing them to smoke or vapour from chemical substances.

Above all, it is containers that are fumigated. They may contain food products (bananas for example) or non-food products (loads of timber).

Fumigation involves different phases: inspection and preparation of the area , introduction of the fumigant, monitoring, ventilation and removal of the ban on access to the fumigated area.  After fumigation, a certificate is issued.

This gassing can only be done using authorised phytopharmaceutical products or biocide products by accredited enterprises which must notify all fumigations to the Federal Environmental Inspection prior to fumigation. Fumigations are carried out under the supervision of an approved user. These presentations highlight the main points of the legislation (only available in French or Dutch).

The checks mainly take place in ports, terminals of transport companies or companies that unload boats but also in flour mills and farms.

The Federal Environmental Inspection is competent to carry out these checks in accordance with the Royal Decree of 23 May 2023 on fumigation (French version and Dutch version).