Closed circuit

Biocidal products with a high risk to health belong to the closed circuit. They can be toxic, carcinogenic or harmful to reproduction. This is why, under the Royal Decree of 4 April 2019, these biocides are mainly reserved for professional users.

Do you want to buy or sell a closed circuit biocide? Then register online and observe the safety regulations . This is mandatory.

Only biocides authorised by the federal government may be sold on the Belgian market. You can find them in the list of authorised biocidal products. This list also indicates whether the biocidal product belongs to the closed circuit.


In exceptional cases, certain users and/or sellers’ obligations do not apply. In such cases, the general public may use biocidal products belonging to the closed circuit. Consult the authorisation act in the list of authorised biocidal products to know whether the product belongs to the free or closed circuit and whether there are exceptions to the closed circuit rules.

General brochures

You can find general information on the obligation to register and on the safe use of biocides in two handy brochures: one for users and one for sellers.

General brochures
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