The FPS Public Health is implementing an ambitious policy on indoor air quality building on the expertise acquired during the COVID-19 pandemic. This policy is based on a generic and cross-cutting law: the law of 6 November 2022 on the improvement of indoor air quality in closed places accessible to the public.

To fight the pandemic, the authorities defined a series of measures for closed spaces accessible to the public. Several of these measures help to ensure effective ventilation and air purification to reduce the risk of airborne virus transmission.

In parallel with the preparation of the new law, ministerial decrees set standards for air purification installations and CO2 meters.

All this legislation has been defined within the framework of existing legal provisions and on the basis of the recommendations for the implementation and control of ventilation and indoor air quality formulated by the Ventilation Task Force.


The law on the improvement of indoor air quality in closed places accessible to the public comes into force on 11 December 2022.

This law constitutes a framework that must be supplemented by royal decrees. It does not therefore create direct obligations for the sectors affected by its application. These obligations and their implementation schedule will be specified in the coming months.

This information will be posted on this page as it becomes available.

The law focuses on limiting the spread of airborne viruses to prevent airborne diseases such as influenza, tuberculosis and the common cold. In addition, the much wider use of ventilation and air purification can prevent the accumulation of pollutants such as fine dust and gaseous pollutants in indoor air.

This law is therefore a considerable asset in strengthening public health protection and shielding us from future respiratory pandemics.

The text of the explanatory memorandum (FR, NL) and the law (FR/NL) state:

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