A CO2 meter is a device that measures the concentration of CO2 in a given space.

Why use a CO2 meter? 

Measuring air quality with a CO2 meter helps to protect the population from the risks of contamination related to poor indoor air quality and is one of the bases of the strategy to ensure good air quality in closed spaces accessible to the public. 

The concentration of CO2 depends on the number of people in a room and the physical activity taking place there. The higher the CO2 concentration, the higher the concentration of aerosols (microdroplets produced by respiration) that can be contaminated by microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. This situation increases the risk of contamination. The role of a CO2 meter is key in assessing the risk of contamination and taking steps, where necessary, to limit the spread of contaminants, and therefore the virus. 
In closed spaces, the lack of ventilation in particular promotes the spread of these contaminants. Airing and ventilating limit their transmission in the air.   
In rooms open to the public, if the concentration of CO2 measured exceeds the 900 ppm threshold, an efficient ventilation system and the use of air purification devices are strongly recommended. 

Would you like to use a CO2 meter? 

Make the right choice and use your device correctly using these guidelines on choosing and using CO2 sensors (FR, NL).  

Would you like to market CO2 meters in Belgium? 
Whether you manufacture CO2 meters or import them, you must comply with the legislation in force in Belgium.

From 22 March 2024, the marketing of these devices  is subject to certain criteria, under the law on product standards [FR, NL]. These new criteria will steer the market towards more reliable CO2 meters and ensure better monitoring of indoor air quality. They are set out in the Royal Decree of 7 February 2024.

This legislation guarantees the accuracy of CO2 concentration measurements in the air. In particular, it requires you to comply with the European standard NBN EN 50543:2011, which ensures the accuracy of the measurements taken.

Are all CO2 meters concerned?

No, only portable and transportable CO2 meters. In other words, devices that can be easily transported from one place to another (whether or not they are specifically designed for this purpose), and that can be used during transport.

In addition, all devices placed on the market before 22 March 2024 do not have to meet these conditions.

► Consult the full text of this Royal Decree here.

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