If one wants to know the level of exposure, the radiation capacity and the electrical field strength can only give an indication. One needs the SAR value to make a correct comparison.

The figure below shows the range of the SAR value for various appliances: laptops with Wi-Fi card, DECT telephones, baby monitors, mobile phones, Bluetooth adapters. On the figure you can see that the SAR of a mobile phone varies in a wide range: from 0.1 W/kg to 1.5 W/kg. The SAR value of a DECT handset is much lower than a mobile phone and varies between 0.01 and 0.05 W/kg.

graphic DAS UK

The graph shows the SAR values measured in contact with the body. If a device is kept at a distance the level of exposure (the actual SAR value) is much lower than indicated on the graph. As a comparison, the graph also shows the European limit value for transmitter masts.

You can download all information of this section in its entirety as a PDF document (information sheet “Wireless devices”).