Costs related to organ procurement

The cost of post-mortem procurement is mentioned has been mentioned in the Moniteur Belge since December 1989. It includes:

  • The monitoring and preparation of a donor with a view to the procurement of organs for transplantation,
  • The post-mortem procurement of an organ and its conservation with a view to transplantation.

    After a diagnosis of brain death in view of this objective, no other service will be invoiced to the "donor's" social security organisation.          

From that point on, the services are charged to the recipient's health insurance provided that the recipient actually benefited from the transplant. These include all the associated medical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses, as well as all transport costs.

When this concerns an organ procured overseas and the transport costs are higher than the intervention provided for by health insurance organisations, the Collège des Médecins Directeurs (INAMI) may grant a higher financial contribution.

 Costs related to transplants

In 2007, the criteria for being registered as a candidate recipient in a Belgian transplant centre were modified slightly.

Now, the candidate recipient must either be of Belgian nationality or a national of one of the Eurotransplant member states, or have been domiciled in Belgium, or one of the Eurotransplant member states, for at least 6 months.

Eurotransplant registration fees are covered by INAMI once the transplant has been implemented.


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