Presence of asbestos in daily life

Asbestos has been used in several applications, especially in building and construction. This is why it will still remain present for a long time in our environment.

Technical difficulties of asbestos removal, its cost, the risks during the operation for the workers and other persons present explain that it is better to sometimes leave constructions in good condition untouched rather than take the risk of releasing asbestos fibres while attempting to remove the contaminated materials.

Let the professionals handle it!

A material in good condition that contains asbestos is not dangerous by itself. Danger arises from the release of fine asbestos fibres in ambient space and their inhalation, for example when using electric drills or high pressure sprays. It is therefore important to take all required precautions in order to contain the release of these fibres when required to work with a material containing asbestos.

pict_eloThe best solution for individuals is to call specialized firms, approved by the Employment SPF for asbestos removal and by the regions for the collection and removal of asbestos waste. These companies will carry out the required work in accordance with the rules imposed by the legislator, by taking all the required preventive measures.

We strongly advise you not to carry out these jobs yourself.

If you would nevertheless like to carry out this type of job, check the advice given to you by your region:
• Brussels-Capital: Bruxelles Environnement (FR) and Leefmileu Brussel (NL)
• Wallonie: brochure "L’amiante dans et autour de la maison"
• Flanders: (OVAM)

Asbestos removal departments

The firms specialized in asbestos removal are certified by the FPS Employment.

Waste removal services

Since asbestos waste disposal is the responsibility of the regions, there are differences between the applicable regulations in the Walloon, Brussels and Flanders regions. Moreover, industrial waste is not subjected to the same regulations as household waste. In addition, provisions may differ from one commune to another.
Communal departments responsible for environment and the competent regional bodies are at your service to answer your questions. Their contact details for all three regions are listed below:

Bruxelles Environnement
(Environment and Energy Administration of the Brussels-Capital Region)

Site de Tour et Taxis
Avenue du Port 86C / 3000
1000 Bruxelles
Tel. : 02/775.75.75
Contact form

Openbare Vlaamse Afvalstoffenmaatschappij (OVAM) - (Flander Waste Management Office)
Stationstraat 110
2800 Mechelen
Tel. : 015/28.42.84
Fax : 015/20.32.75
Asbestos contact form

Office Wallon des Déchets (Walloon Waste Management Office)
Service Public de Wallonie
Département du Sol et des Déchets
Avenue Prince de Liège, 15
B-5100 Namur
Tél. : +32 (0) 81 33 65 75
Fax : +32 (0) 81 33 65 22
Numéro vert: 1718 - Contact form

La Cellule permanente environnement-santé (CPES) - (Permanent environment-health office):