To calculate the contribution of sustainable biofuels to the goal of using renewable energy allocated to Belgium by Directive 2009/28 / EC, lots of biofuels placed on the market, and durability characteristics, must be registered in a database.

The database allows to:

• D’enregistrer des acteurs économiques mettant sur le marché ou utilisant des biocarburants (créer un compte on line) 
Grace à la banque de donnée, les des acteurs économiques actifs dans la production et l’importation des biocarburants ainsi que dans le mélange de biocarburants dans les carburants fossiles se font connaître en s’enregistrant 
• register batches of biofuels and create transfer volumes (partitions for refineries and importers of petroleum products, mainly gasoline and diesel).
Batches  of fuels that are put on the market, are stored in the database. Then transfers are created  ("partitions") for registered oil companies, which ultimately put oil products to consumption in Belgium;
• To provide evidence that the sustainability criteria for biofuels are respected.
Only biofuels that meet the sustainability criteria of  Article 5 of the Royal Decree of 26/11/2011, may be recognized as part of the obligation to incorporate minimum nominal volumes of sustainable biofuels, within the fossil fuel volumes annually offered for consumption.

When you register batches of biofuels that do not meet these criteria, you must specify when registering.

On a practical level

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