Before placing a substance or mixture on the market, you must meet the following requirements:
• Classify, label and package the substances and mixtures in compliance with Article 4 and Titles II, III and IV of the CLP regulation.
In case of a substance or a mixture, you can consider the classification in compliance with Title II of the CLP regulation and used by another player in the chain, provided the composition of the substance or the mixture is not changed in the course of the supply chain.
• In case of change in the composition of the substance or mixture placed on the market, you must classify it in compliance with the CLP regulations (see Title II).
• Take all suitable measures to know about the new scientific or technical information likely to modify the classification and, if required, get your product re-assessed.
• Update the information for classification and labelling at the earliest. An 18-month period is granted for updating the labelling if the hazard is not more serious and/or if new labelling items are not required.
• If you have new information about a change in an harmonised classification and labelling of a substance, you must submit a proposal to the competent authority of a Member State where the substance has been placed on the market.
In case of Belgium, the competent authority is: the Risk Management department of our FPS.
• You must keep the information used for classifying and labelling for 10 years after the last supply (i.e. sale and discontinuation for free), in compliance with the CLP regulations.

See more information about classification, packaging and labelling.