Some people experience health problems when using mobile phones or near high-voltage lines and electrical devices at field values that do not cause any hindrance for most people. This relates in this case in “electrical or electromagnetic hypersensitivity” (EHS).

Although the name suggests a connection between the complaints and the exposure to electromagnetic fields, this connection is not confirmed by scientific research. That is why electromagnetic hypersensitivity is considered as a case of "idiopathic environmental intolerance". "Idiopathic" refers to symptoms that remain unexplained, the cause of which is unknown. There is a hypothesis that the cause of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (at least partially) can be found in a strong negative affectation (strong influenceability due to a negative expectation). Yet, additional research is necessary before further conclusions can be drawn.

This section contains more information about complaints, the state of affairs of the scientific research and advice about what can be done in this situation. 

You can download all information of this section in its entirety as a PDF document (information sheet “Electromagnetic hypersensitivity”).