The federal public service for Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment wants to stimulate sustainable production and consumption. Therefore, it lays down conditions for bringing products onto the market. These conditions have been recorded in the umbrella Law Product Standards (Law of the 21st of December 1998 concerning product standards for the advancement of sustainable production and consumption patterns and for protection of the environment).

The Federal Environmental Inspection controls the placing on the market of products.

Do you represent a company and do you desire to bring a product onto the market? In the sections below you will learn everything about the different federal legislations which you have to comply with in the area of environment.

In the section “Ecodesign” you will find an explanation on the requirements for energy efficiency  (Ecodesign), which have been recorded for amongst others boilers, office and street lighting, engines and cooling products.

In the sections building products, timber and electronic equipment you will find information on the standards for these product categories.

Nowadays, there are more and more products partly or wholly made of “bio-materials”. Which fundamental rules are there for these materials?  In the section “biologically degradable and compostable materials” you will learn everything about it.

In the section “packaging”, we go further into the legal obligations, as a result of which the negative effects of packaging on the environment can be combated as much as possible. You will also find more explanation on biologically degradable packaging and on which claims may be listed on this packaging. However, in case you search for information concerning the packaging and labelling of chemical products, you had best go to the section “chemical products, classification and labelling”.

In the section machines for usage outdoors you will find out more on the noise standards for machines like lawn mowers and chain saws.

You wish to apply the EU Ecolabel for your product or service? Then please visit the section “environment labels” or for more explanation on the advantages and the steps to be taken for this.

Pay attention: Explanation on launching of chemical products (pesticides, biocides, fertilizers) onto the market, you will find in the section “chemical products”.

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