Chemical products are part of our daily life. You use them every day for cleaning, painting, gluing, oiling, greasing, etc. These products are required by us but sometimes there are risks attached to using them. Therefore strict norms govern their marketing and use.

When a chemical product is marketed, it must carry a label that gives detailed information about its hazardous properties. Rules that specify the classification criteria of the various types of hazards are determined at the European level by the regulation 1272 /2008 on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures, which supersedes the former European directives 67/548 and 1999/45.

Following sections will provide more information that will help you:
- as citizens, to read and understand the labels of chemical products;
- as professionals, to know your obligations regarding classification and labelling when you want to market a chemical product (CLP).

In the interest of defence, an exemption from the REACH, CLP or Biocides Regulation can be granted for substances, mixtures, objects or treated objects that are imported, produced, manufactured or used for military equipment (Royal Decree of 9 March 2014).