It is very likely that you have biocides in your home. They are pesticides : chemical substances that are used to deter, render harmless or destroy unwanted or harmful organisms.

Biocides and phytopharmaceutical products are two distinct categories of pesticides, each with their own functions, uses and laws.

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Biocides are not harmless. If used incorrectly, they can be harmful to your health. They also pose risks to the environment.

The government strives to reduce the risks of these products, to protect our health and environment. The Federal Public Service of Health is working on the Federal Reduction plan for Biocides, with specific actions on their availability and use, and awareness-raising.

Biocides are divided into four groups:

1. Disinfectants
E.g. skin disinfectants, surface disinfectants, etc.
2. Preservatives
E.g. wood preservatives
3. Pest control
E.g. insecticides, rodenticides, products against fleas and ticks, etc.
4. Other biocidal products
E.g. antifouling products for ship hulls